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5 Effective Ways to Maximise the Scent of Your Candle

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effective ways to maximise the scent of your candle - Enya's Attic

When you get a new candle you love, like one of our gorgeous bookish candles, you likely want to get the most out of its scent. 

A probable solution for this is to savour it by only burning it on some days, right? But, actually, that might not provide the aroma-filled relaxation you seek.

Rather, there are some other less well-known solutions that'll enable you to get the most out of your candle while still lighting it up regularly. 

So, get your matches at the ready, and read on for 5 super-special tips to maximise your candle's scent.


1. Ensure your candle is the right size for your room

Unsurprisingly, the scent throw plays a big part in how you experience the fragrance. A candle's scent throw refers to how strong a fragrance is as it diffuses through the air. If you use a candle with a weak scent throw for a large room, you'll not get the effect you seek.

Granted, it can be a little confusing to measure a candle's efficacy in comparison to a room's size, so as a general rule of thumb, use a large candle for a large room and so on.

If you can't find the candle you're looking for in a large size, get two smaller candles for a large room.


2. Burn it long enough

Regardless of how strong a candle's scent throw is, you need to burn it for an amount of time that allows the wax to melt and let the scent spread. Generally, you should keep it burning for at least two hours.

If you don't have the patience to let the wax surface melt, you should top things off with a candle topper. A candle topper can help the wax melt far more quicker by drawing in heat from the flame.

Just make sure not to burn it for too long because that can also weaken the overall scent throw.


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3. Place the candle in the perfect spot

When you light a candle, you most probably don't go around looking for a spot where it can flourish, but that can make a big difference to how the scent diffuses through the room. To prevent the fragrance from weakening, you should avoid placing it close to windows, air conditioners, or any other air vents.

For the best results, place it on a desk where it's close to your nose but not too in your face, or on a low table because the scent rises upwards. To better protect candles' scents when not in use, store them in a shady humidity-free zone.


4. Trim the wick

Before burning the candle, ensure you trim the wick by approximately half an inch. A trimmed candle wick doesn't dip into the already exhausted melted wax to diffuse the scent through the room, so you're more likely to get a fresher cent.

It can also keep things burning at a good pace to prevent the scent from diffusing too slowly or too fast.


5. Pick the right candle 

You might think that the only thing you should consider when buying scented candles is whether the nostril-teasing aroma is sultry, sweet or spicy. But three overlooked elements can make all the difference to the quality of the scent. 

The first is the wax. When it comes to wax, your main options are typically beeswax, paraffin, and soy.

Paraffin wax is your cheaper candle option, but the scent throw isn't always strong and can have a "chemical" whiff to it. It's also important to realise that if you're going to burn paraffin candles, they may release toxins into the air. 

 When it comes to toxicity, beeswax as well as soy and vegetable wax are safer options. The fact that soy and vegetable wax, which is what the candles in Enya's Attic are made from, has a low melting point, enabling large pools of wax to form around the wick, means that the full fragrance from the candles is enhanced as it's released into the room. 

The second comes down to the pouring of the wax. Generally, hand-poured wax candles, again, like those sold in our store, have a stronger scent in comparison to factory-poured ones. This can be attributed to the care a human might take to mix the fragrances in comparison to a machine.

The third and final element to be on the lookout for is the material of the wick. This can be a hard one to nail down because not all brands mention the material of the wick.

But if, like Enya's Attic's candles, it's made of a natural material like wood or cotton, it'll have a better scent throw than the artificial one. As a bonus tip, you can also use candles with multiple wicks because they'll burn through the wax much quicker. 


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