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5 Ways to Style Your Favourite Bookish T-Shirt

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Bookish t-shirts can be used to portray a unique style – if you know how to dress them up. The wonderful news is that our bookish tees for women are already fabulous, and we have five creative and stylish ways to help you make the most of your purchase.

Use a Statement Scarf 

Woman wearing Freadom T-Shirt Khaki - Enya's Attic 

Scarfs are just as versatile as t-shirts, and there are many ways to pair the combo to create a fashionable statement.

Start by picking a scarf that complements your colour palette and enhances the aesthetics of your bookish tee.

Next, decide how you'll style the scarf. Popular ways to elevate your bookish t-shirt outfits with a scarf include:

  • Draping the scarf around your neck loosely without tying it in a casual style
  • You can also wrap the scarf many times around your neck. Tie off the loose ends and tuck them in to create a neat knot that's formal and elegant.
  • Twist your scarf first, then wrap it around your neck to create a twisty scarf loop and a chic look.

Pair it with a Skirt 


It's common to wear t-shirts with pants, but you can always bring out your girlier side by pairing your bookish tee with a suitable skirt.

Denim is almost always a winner, so you usually can't go wrong by tucking your shirt into either a long or mini denim skirt.

Embrace your feminine energy by experimenting with different skirt designs. From plaid skirts and leather skirts to pencil skirts and pleated skirts, you can come up with outfit combinations that look cool, preppy, casual, or simple and basic.

The great thing about pairing your favourite literary t-shirt with a skirt is that you’re sure to find a look that makes you say, "Hey, that's totally my style!"


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Knot it in the Front

Woman sits on back of chair wearing a Bookish AF women's t-shirt and a suit - Enya's Attic

Got an oversized bookish t-shirt? Instead of just tossing it on, why not take advantage of the bagginess by tying a knot in the front?

The easiest way to do this is to gather all the extra fabric at the front, then twist the tail into a circular loop.

You can further switch it up by folding the shirt to hide the knot, thus creating an arched crop top.

A cute knot at the front ensures your baggy bookish tee drapes more attractively over your frame. The look works well with a pair of snug jeans or even suit pants worn with sneakers, sandals, or wedges.


Suit it Up 

Some women worry about whether they can wear a t-shirt with a suit and still look stylish. It's absolutely possible! (And you can find some gorgeous bookish t-shirtsfrom Enya's Attic to wear with a structured or oversized suit and trainers).

It's a relaxed outfit that blends well in some professional settings, perhaps, casual Fridays or general outings.

A great way to suit it up with your literary t-shirt is to wear a tiny skirt and long blazer for a sophisticated and polished look. Wearing a pantsuit also works to take the edge off a super formal look.

 5 Ways to Style Your Bookish T-shirt - Enya's Attic Infographic

Match Your Bookish T-Shirt with ... a Book!

There's no better way to style a bookish t-shirt than to match it with a book. After all, if you're going to wear a bookish tee, you might as well clutch a book to complete the look 100%!

It's a way to show off your playful, creative, and humorous side. (And, of course, you can find the right book at Enya's Attic's bookshop!)

It also makes for a great conversation starter as you explain how your tee is related to your accompanying read. Whether it's a favourite quote or complementary colour scheme, your literary t-shirts can match with a book that speaks volumes about your outfit.

Hopefully, this simple guide on how to style your bookish t-shirt has been an eye-opener, and you're now ready to rock these ideas.

Get started by visiting Enya's Attic to shop for stylish, trendy bookish T-shirts that'll "bookify" and beautify your wardrobe.

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