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Coco Chanel advanced women's rights through the clothes that she made. Her Chanel suits, women's trousers, and jersey dresses encouraged elegance, but also power, personality, and liberation for women.
Marie Curie was awarded two Nobel Prizes in her lifetime, advancing science and the world as we know it. But she was also a war hero who helped save millions of lives by determining how to bring X-ray equipment to the battlefields of WW1.

Mary Wortley Montagu was an English aristocrat, adventurer and writer, and also the reason millions survived the smallpox epidemic that ravaged 18th century Britain. 

Christabel and Emmeline Pankhurst and many other suffragettes were thrown in prison. But they were ready to go. Why? 


Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating love. And what better love to honour than the fierce bonds of friendship between women. Read on to enjoy some of themost iconic female friendships in history.
Marilyn Monroe is one of the most recognizable figures of 20th-century pop culture. And though it's rarely noted, she was often brave at a time when women's boldness was not applauded. Here are five ways Marilyn Monroe proved she was a power to be reckoned with and, by example, can teach us how to be bold.