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The Best Gifts for Grown-Up Daughters

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The Best Gifts for Grown-Up Daughters

Buying gifts for grown-up daughters can result in trial, error and even tantrums (depending on just how grown-up your daughter actually is!!) 

Unlike the small-sized females in your life, grown-up daughters want gifts that are practical, pretty or both, and which always say “I know you and love you” – Because that’s the mom superpower, right? 

Yes …except not always!

Keeping up with all your daughter’s interests can be difficult particularly if you’re not living under the same roof anymore. So you can’t always pull off the perfect gift. 

But if you’re beginning to think about Christmas, we have a few gift ideas you might want to consider.

Along with that, you can always download Enya’s Attic FREE Gift Guide which includes 65 original gift ideas for ALL the different women in your life. 

 Ok, let’s dive in!

Best Daughter Gift #1: The Student 

If your daughter is finishing school or starting college she no doubt carries her laptop with her as though it’s an extra appendage. Well, show her you care about her electronic add-ons by giving her this strong and snug laptop sleeve with scratch-resistant, fully-lined faux fur, guaranteed to keep her portable computer safe from harm. 

The sleeve is made from 100% neoprene so it’s resistant to water, oil, and heat. That means you can drop it, spill water on it and leave it in the sun, and the laptop will remain intact zipped up inside.

Add to that the fact that you can also appeal to her poet’s heart or fierce feminist credentials by choosing from between our two unique designs - One featuring the first verse of Emily Dickinson’s famed poemHope is the thing with feathers, or our mint and lilac cover featuring four pioneering women from history (Marie Curie, Fatima Al-Fahri, Raymonde de Laroche, and Charlotte E. Ray). 

Best Daughter Gift #2: The Feminist

Active feminists tend to wear their heart on their sleeve – or emblazoned across their chests (literally) with cool t-shirts and sweatshirts. That’s why we know your proudly political, feminist daughter will love this fashionable crop hoodie statement piece that boasts the words “feminist and fabulous”.  

Best Daughter Gift #3: The Book Lover

If your daughter’s a book lover and you want a gift that speaks to that, then you’ve come to the right store. Not only do we have several book-related products from totes and tees to mugs and hoodies, but we recently launched our fabulous new ‘Classics from the Attic’ Christmas Gift BookSet. Order before 14th November to get 15% off! 

Best Daughter Gift #4: The Other Mother

When your little girl becomes a mom herself the bond between you both can grow stronger than ever. 

And while her life is changing your role is expanding – you’re now a grandmum (Argh! But still so young!!) 

The great thing about being a grandmum, though, is that it comes with superpowers – and one such power is to give your girl a little respite from the exciting, exhilarating and utterly exhausting new life she finds herself in. 

Put together a day-a-week voucher bundle that includes all the things your daughter might like to do such as cinema tickets, a spa day coupon, a book token so she can spend her day browsing through her favourite bookshop, and then offer to take her baby off her hands for one day a week so she can make use of her vouchers. That way, you get your grandmothering vibe on and she can have some time to rejuvenate, refresh and regain a little sense of self!

Best Daughter Gift #5: The Introvert

The introverted daughter love nothing more than curling up at home with a good book, a pile of magazines, her favourite hobby, or a binge-worthy list of conversation-avoiding Netflix movies. The perfect gift and accompaniment to these activities? Our sweet-smelling tuberose and jasmine Brontë Bedtime candleThis vegan plant wax candle will make her feel oh-so snug and cosy while enjoying her peace and privacy. 

Best Daughter Gift #6: The Extrovert

When was the last time you went on a road trip? With your daughter? If “never” is your answer, then now is the time to do it. Especially if your girl is the outgoing type. 

So, gift her with a put-together plan that takes in all your favourite things to do along with places you’ve both wanted to see. It could be a weeklong, three-day or even a 24-hour vacay– just make it fun and exciting and you’ll always have this trip to remember!

For other super ideas of what to get your grown-up daughter (and the other fabulous women in your life!) download our FREE gift guide now! 


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