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15 Fun And Creative Ways to Fill an Empty Notebook

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15 Fun And Creative Ways to Fill an Empty Notebook

An empty notebook is a blank canvas. You can do just about anything with it. But in a world filled with unlimited options, it can be hard to know where to start. If you're looking for fun ways to fill an empty notebook, you should read on for 15 ways you can do just that.


 1. Reading Journal

If you're an avid reader, you most likely have a lot of opinions about the books you've read. A reading journal allows you to organise those opinions, reviewing and rating the books you love, like, or find only "meh!", as well as start a list of those you've resolved to read this year.

Perhaps you're determined to read more women writers, or finally tackle those feminist classics. Whatever your literary goals, your reading journal is the place to list them. 


2. Creative Writing Journal

Writing is a skill that needs to be utilised regularly. But if creative writing is your particular cup of cocoa then finding new things to write about and maintaining the upkeep of your craft is not always easy.

Keeping a list of creative writing prompts in your notebook, however, is one way of ensuring you're never short of ideas to explore and stories to write.


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3. Gratitude Journal 

Studies have found that a daily dose of giving thanks can support better sleep, lower stress and boost interpersonal relationships. More than that, recent research suggests that keeping an actual gratitude journal can do all of the above and help lower the risk of heart disease to boot!

So if you're stumped for ideas on how to fill your empty notebook, use it to scribble down a few things you appreciate about your day.

Whether it's the fab book you finished that morning, the good natter you had with your gal-pal, or the fact you have a roof over your head, the more you look for things to love about your life, the more you'll actually start to love your life - and yourself into the bargain. 


4. Dream Diary

It's such a frustrating feeling when a dream that felt significant slips from your mental grasp. But you can prevent this from happening by recording your dreams in your notebook as soon as you wake up.

With a dream diary like this, you can get a better idea of your psyche and maybe help untangle any worries or issues your sleeping brain is attempting to sort. 


5. Bullet Journal

One of the most popular uses for an empty notebook is to turn it into a bullet journal.

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail, and a bullet journal prevents this eventuality from happening. You can note down your tasks and block them out by time to know exactly what you need to do and when you intend to do it!


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6. Favourite Quotes Notebook

Are you the kind of person who highlights or screenshots every thought-provoking quote you come across? Then use your notebook to jot them down so you can revisit them whenever you need a shot of inspiration or some clever insight.

If you're an artist you can even take things to the next level and draw an artistic representation of the quote.


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7. Memory Journal 

Yes, photographs are a wonderful way to carry your happy memories with you everywhere you go. But they might not remind you how you felt at the exact time the pic was taken. 

Want to fully capture the complicated emotions of a moment? Then start your own memory journal.

Bring it on trips or to important events and take a minute or three during that time to jot down where you are, what's around you, how you're feeling and what's exceptional about this moment to you.


8. Fitness Log

Whether you're training for a marathon, want to maintain daily exercise, or just looking for motivation to move off the couch, it's important to keep track of your fitness goals.

Not only will this enable you to be more efficient in your workouts and make modifications where necessary, it'll also help spur you on to break out a regular sweat.

So, crack open your empty notebook and log in the distance, time, and intensity of your daily exercise alongside any other progress made and milestones mashed.


9. Hobby Journal

Have a hobby like bird watching, music, or gardening? Well, a hobby journal can help you to delve into and document the details, insights and ideas you have concerning that pastime. 

You can tack on pictures or photos, track progress on projects, and ultimately use your hobby journal as a form of therapy after a long or stressful day. 

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10. Study Notebook

If you're studying at school, doing an online course, or learning something in your spare time, then this way to fill your empty notebook is a no-brainer - Put it to simple but productive use by taking it to class and jotting down important points.


11. Food Journal 

For foodies, an empty notebook can present an opportunity to not only keep track of your favourite foods, but also record new recipes, or note ingredients that make your heart and stomach sing.

Research also indicate that using a food journal to track your diet can give you greater insights into your eating behaviours and help you plan and maintain healthier and more balanced chow-time. 


12. Unsent Letters 

If you're dealing with current or past problems but cannot seem to voice them, scribble them down in letter form.

You can use your journal to write unsent letters to your future self or even to the people who've hurt you to express how you feel.

Doing this can help you name your negative emotions, deal with frustrations and fears and ultimately, release any pain or resentment you have through the simple act of writing. 


13. One Line a Day Journal 

For busy people, journaling can be quite hard to get into.

If this sounds like you, then instead of spending your limited time sweating over long paragraphs, a simple "one line a day" can prompt you to get your thoughts, moods, and musings into a concise sentence that really says it all about the day you're having and all the feels you're feeling.

Additionally, the longer you practice this, the better you'll become at simply and succinctly acknowledging what matters most- and least - about your day. 


14. Bucket List

Dreaming's free, right? So why not write out all your dreams and, in the process, help turn them into a reality?

Use an empty notebook as a place to store your bucket list. Make a note of dream travel destinations, coveted career goals, foods you want to taste, fears you want to overcome, new things to try in your city, and whatever else you'd love to accomplish in your lifetime. 



15. Habit Tracker

Whether you're trying to break bad habits or welcome healthier ones, a habit tracker lets you see how you're doing. In this dedicated space you can build awareness around something you're doing or want to do and keep yourself accountable.

Set yourself goals, then break these down into doable and actionable practices that you work towards daily, weekly or monthly. 

And by keeping abreast of your progress, you'll be surprised at just how rewarding it is to see a habit ditched or adopted, and your dreams turned into reality.


So there you have 15 fun and creative ways to make use of your empty notebook - What other ways would you use to fill up a gorgeous new journal?


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