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Bookish Gifts for Women

It can be hard to find quality bookish gifts for women  - especially those that aren't books! 

But if you're on the lookout for something that says "books for women" but isn't, you know, an actual book, then check out our unique selection of bookish clothing and lifestyle products. These are exclusively designed for Enya's Attic - so you know you're buying something that won't be found anywhere else. 

Enya's Attic products highlight all our favourite women writers in history. From Sappho and Mary Shelley to Jane Austen and Emily Dickinson, choose literary stationery, bookish candles and totes, hoodies, tops and tees for book-loving women, and wall art that readers will adore! 

And, because our designers are always eager to usher new heroines of history into the spotlight let us know if there are any women writers you'd love to see featured on a product you use. 

If, of course, you do want book gifts for the nearest and dearest women in your life, head over to our bookshop where we stock a fabulous selection of curated books by women.