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Chocolat by Joanne Harris

In the small French village of Lansquenet, nothing much has changed in a hundred years. Then an exotic stranger, Vianne Rocher, blows in on the changing wind with her young daughter, and opens a chocolate boutique directly opposite the church. Soon the villagers cannot keep away, for Vianne can divine their most hidden desires.

But it's the beginning of Lent, the season of abstinence, and Father Reynaud denounces her as a serious moral danger to his flock. Perhaps even a witch.

If Vianne's chocolaterie is to survive, it will take kindness, courage and a little bit of magic...


About the Product

  • Type: Paperback
  • Imprint: Black Swan
  • Published: 1999-03-04
  • ISBN: 978-0552998482
  • Length: 320 pages


About the Author

Joanne Harris's Whitbread-shortlisted Chocolat was made into an Oscar-nominated film starring Juliette Binoche and Johnny Depp. She is the author of many other bestselling novels, including Lollipop ShoesPeaches for Monsieur le Curé, and The Strawberry Thief, all also featuring Vianne Rocher.

She has also written acclaimed novels in such diverse genres as fantasy based on Norse myth (Runemarks, RunelightThe Gospel of Loki), and the Malbry cycle of dark psychological thrillers (Gentlemen & PlayersBlueeyedboy, and Different Class).

Born in Barnsley, of an English father and a French mother, she spent fifteen years as a teacher before (somewhat reluctantly) becoming a full-time writer. In 2013, she was awarded an MBE.

She lives in Yorkshire, plays bass and flute in a band first formed when she was sixteen, and works in a shed in her garden.

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