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The Garden Party by Katherine Mansfield

A windless, warm day greets the Sheridan family on the day of their garden party. As daughter Laura takes the reins on party preparations the news of a neighbour's demise casts a cloud over the host and threatens the entire celebration.

The Garden Party by Katherine Mansfield is a short story examining what happens when the boundaries that divide the upper and lower classes are crossed. Written in the modernist mode of the early 20th century, Mansfield was seen as one of the prime innovators of the short story form.

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  • ISBN: 9780241341643

  • Length: 192 Pages

  • Dimensions: 198mm x 11mm x 129mm

  • Weight: 145g

  • The Garden Party by Katherine Mansfield was first published in 1922


About the Author

Katherine Mansfield was born into a socially prominent in Wellington, New Zealand in 1888. When she was 19, she left New Zealand for London, England, where she attended Queen's College with her sisters. She began contributing to the college newspaper and eventually became its editor.

After completing college in England she returned to New Zealand and began writing short stories. Her stories were published in publications in New Zealand and Australia but she yearned to go back to London.She eventually returned in 1908, becoming friends with Virginia Woolf, Lady Ottoline Morrell and others of the Bloomsbury Group. 

Though she was a prolific writer,Mansfield was diagnosed with pulmonary tuberculosis in 1917. She tried a lot of unorthodox cures in Paris and Switzerland but eventually died in France aged 34.

Katherine Mansfield is widely considered one of the most influential and important authors of the modernist literary movement. Her works are celebrated across the world and have been published in 25 languages.

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