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Business Books by Women

Business books written by women are not a new genre. Yet scroll through any business books bestseller list online and you’ll be hard-pressed to find more than a handful not authored by men.

These books, of course, can offer solid advice. But it’s advice that often overlooks the specific challenges faced by female entrepreneurs and women in business - not to mention completely ignoring aspects of business that women find most applicable to them.

For instance, where are the chapters on creating flexible working hours, juggling motherhood, and finding your voice in traditionally male-dominated workspaces? And where are the sections that simply spotlight women-focused industries or inspirational women in business?

The male-oriented language and singular definitions of success that fill the pages of many business books authored by men can be as inappropriate as they are unhelpful. 

Whether they’re struggling with confidence or office gender politics, women in business want to recognise their own experiences in what they’re reading. Doing so will enable us to figure out our path forward and, crucially, let us know we’re not alone.

So, if you’re running a business, finding your feet in an industry or want to boss up like the powerful woman you are, then check out our curated collection of business books for women and female entrepreneurs.