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Gift Book Boxes

What’s a better gift to give to a book lover than books?

…Well, actually… nothing!

Book lovers adore it when you gift them books because it means you’re acknowledging who they are and what they’re passionate about. 

And if you throw in a few extra book-related goodies that allow them to show off their lit-lovin credentials even when they’re not reading, they’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness even MORE!

Because we’re book lovers at Enya’s Attic, we know exactly the kind of gift book box that those who walk on the bookish side will adore. 

Our Mothers & Daughters Gift Book Box includes an inspiring choice of classic books from Jane Austen to Amy Tan all exploring that special female relationship.

Our Dark Delights Themed Gift Book Box – perfect for Halloween as well as Christmas gift giving – offers a spellbinding selection of witchy, gothic and downright dark traditional, modern and contemporary classics to choose from. 

The Gift Book Boxes each come with an assortment of gorgeous literary accessories such as bookmarks, notebooks, candles …and a few extra surprises!

And if you’re sending it in Europe – SHIPPING IS FREE!

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