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Introducing... The Brontës

The impact of Charlotte, Emily, and Anne Brontë on the classic canon cannot be underestimated. Three unassuming, Victorian women who lived with their country curate father, Patrick, in Yorkshire, England, their novels –seven between them – are classic books that forever changed the face of English literature.

It’s not just their unique individual styles or common mastery of storytelling that makes the sisters’ writing so compelling. It is also the astonishing fact that many of their books bear a proto-feminist ideology. They’ve turned the domestic constraints of the lives of 19th-century women into a fascinating examination of female entrapment and male dominance.  

The women in their classic books see their limits and push against them. As a result, they frighten and antagonize the male-defined world around them.

The truth is, Charlotte, Emily, and Anne were radical writers. Their stories are filled with rage and violence, lost love and madness – subjects that women writers of the day rarely tackled, and even now can be found shocking and still, sadly, relevant.

The Brontës were also brilliant, their novels exciting and engaging and regularly cited as some of the best novels of all time.  

So, pick up a book by Charlotte, Emily, or Anne Brontë today and get ready to be wowed by Victorian feminism at its most radical - and spellbinding. 

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