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Enya’s Attic is a small business offering bookish gifts and more. Our gifts celebrate women writers and other inspiring women in history.

The business is based in Madrid, Spain (though I'm from Ireland) but our customers come from across Europe, the US and the world.

I found Enya's Attic because I was frustrated with the lack of representation of women from history and literature in gifts and everyday products.

Growing up in Ireland, I knew the names of famous Irish writers, artists and politicians - and they were all men (Go on! I know you know them!) I saw their names everywhere along with representations of their work. But what about the women? I know there were women in Irish history too!

Truth is, I didn't want my own daughter to grow up in a world where she had to think twice to recall the name of an inspiring woman who'd left her mark on history.

As a professional writer and former arts publicist, I also want to share with her my love of female culture and literature.

So, I set up Enya's Attic, naming the shop for my daughter (yep, she's called Enya-Sofia).

In those early days, I was really lucky to meet an awesome illustrator and designer, Osmary Méndez, who has custom-designed several of our most stunning and successful products (see her bio below).

Currently we sell a selection of totes and bags, apparel and accessories, and several products for the home. But over the next year we hope to move into developing stationery, gift boxes and a book subscription offer too.

So, that's it! That's Enya's Attic! We're continuing to make products that give a nod to inspiring women who remind us of our shared history and values as well as the sheer fabulousness of being born female!

Thanks for dropping by today and if you have any queries or comments you’d like to share, please feel free to do so by emailing me at enyasattic@gmail.com.

You can also find Enya’s Attic on social media – so do check in to say hello!

Siobhan Colgan (Founder, Enya's Attic)


Osmary Méndez is a Graphic Designer, specialising in illustration, video and packaging design. Based in Venezuela, she works with a wide variety of businesses and individuals across the world, creating to feel the "beauty of life" in custom designs that dazzle and delight.

Contact her on www.dgkima.com