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About Enya's Attic

Enya's Attic Celebrates the Lives and Literary Talent of Women Across History.

From writers to scientists, adventurers to anarchists, women from all corners of the globe are remembered and high-fived for their contribution to history and the world.

I’m Siobhan – An Irish woman, living in Spain, who loves women’s history, culture and literature.

I founded Enya’s Attic to share that passion and remind us all of the astonishing women whose voices and vision changed the world.

The Story Behind Enya's Attic

The idea for Enya’s Attic came about over 20 years ago. On a first trip to New York, I picked up a calendar in the shop of one of the many museums I visited. Each calendar month featured a photo and details of different American women who had broken through boundaries of their time – Sojourner Truth, Audrey Hepburn, Billie Jean King, Mae Jemison, and more.

Growing up in Ireland in the 1980s I didn’t know much about women elsewhere who had battled gender inequalities and pushed against conventional women’s roles in sport, science and more.

Heck, I didn’t know much about those women in my own country.

But I loved that calendar. I kept it on my wall for the appropriate year, and for many years after that. 

When I finally took it down, I used the images for my own vision boards, always inspired by these women.

That simple calendar prompted me to take note of women past and present who accomplished the extraordinary. And not just to enhance their own lives, but to improve the lives of all women.

I bought books, saw plays (I worked in theater, but finding plays that were written, directed and produced by women was haaaaard!)

In cities I visited, I read up on inspiring local women, bought trinkets and reminders to bring home with me.

As a young woman, I sometimes wrote favorite quotes from these badass women across the walls of my apartment (my landlords loved me, you can imagine.)

When I had my daughter, I thought, 'I want her to know and value the lives, experiences, achievements of women across the globe.

Women who stood up, often alone, in societies that stifled their needs and power. Women to fill her up with wonder and pride.'

And so I created Enya’s Attic (named for her), as a simple means of celebrating the many, many women whose lives and literary talents have paved a righteous path to the present and towards the future.

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