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Honour the Contributions of Women Throughout History & Literature with Enya's Attic

At Enya's Attic, our mission is to help people recognise and celebrate women writers and history makers.

We do this by offering a curated range of important literature authored by women, bookish gifts, and a unique assortment of stationery, candles, and more, all with a female focus.

The story of our inception began with a rather disheartening realisation.

Growing up in Ireland, the “land of saints and scholars”, I realised I had to think twice to name prominent Irish authors who weren’t male.

Obviously, this didn't mean that Irish women had made no contributions to literature, it just meant they weren't represented enough.

And, really, this didn't sit right with me.

As a book lover, I wanted to see myself reflected in the women writers and books that I read.

And certainly, when I became a mother to my daughter, I didn't want her to grow up in a world where she'd have to pause to come up with the name of a distinguished Irish female author – or woman writer of any nationality.

Being a writer and a former arts publicist, I've always had a deep passion about female culture and literature.

And so I decided to start Enya's Attic, named for my daughter.  

The business gave me a way to share my passion with the world, and help celebrate these women's exceptional works. 

We hope that the voices of the women from the past continue to inspire fearless women in the present and the future.


Siobhan - Founder, Enya's Attic

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