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Classics from the Attic Monthly Book Subscription

Welcome to Classics from the Attic, the female-focused, unique monthly book subscription!

Each month, you'll receive a classic book written by a woman writer. So get your coffee, put your feet up and settle down for an hour or three with a superb story delivered straight to your door.

Our selection has been carefully curated to include must-read classics that span the centuries as well as the shared concerns of women across the continents.  

These are some of literature’s greatest hits - books that broke boundaries and dared to show women as the fierce, fabulous, flawed and – Shock! Horror! – deeply diverse humans that we are!

Alongside the beautiful book (and a gifted bookmark …because you can NEVER have enough bookmarks!), you will receive a monthly email revealing the significance of that month’s title as well as other intriguing tidbits about the writer and the books she wrote.  

Sign up now to explore a whole new world of classic books that EVERY woman should read!


Select Your Plan

Subscribe on a monthly, 3-month, or 6-month basis (see below). Don’t worry, you can change or cancel your plan online at any time.





Here are the books you'll receive:

  • PASSING by Nella Larsen
  • FRANKENSTEIN by Mary Shelley
  • THE TIME OF THE DOVES by Mercè Rodoreda
  • THE AWAKENING by Kate Chopin
  • THE GARDEN PARTY (AND OTHER STORIES) by Katherine Mansfield
  • BELOVED by Toni Morrison

You'll also receive:

  • A quality bookmark
  • A companion e-letter each month so you can learn more about the selected book & author
  • Deals and discounts on other books

Added Bonus:

As an added bonus for readers on the 3-month or 6-month plan, if there is one book from ALL the books available on Enya’s Attic that you really, REALLY want to read – you can swap it out for one of the titles in Classics from the Attic.  

Just send an email to enyasattic@gmail.com with a subject line CLASSICS FROM THE ATTIC SWAPSIES and the name of the classics you want to swap and we’ll get back to you to confirm.

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**You've probably noticed that the cost of subscribing for one month, three months or six months is the same. While we do offer deals and discounts on products across the shop, we also believe in offering fair payment plans to all our customers. In this way, customers who prefer to pay on a monthly basis aren't penalized by having to pay more for the overall product in the long run. We want everyone to enjoy shopping fairly with us!**