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Women in History Laptop Sleeve - Marie Curie, Fatima Al-Fahri, Charlotte E. Ray & Raymonde de Laroche

Feminists and history lovers will adore this snug, safe and wholly unique laptop sleeve.

Compact and lightweight, for 13" and 15" laptops, this case, exclusively designed for Enya's Attic, features four pioneering women in history - Marie Curie, Fatima Al-Fahri, Charlotte E. Ray & Raymonde de Laroche - all of whom achieved historic firsts in their field of endeavours. 

To prevent any scratch marks, the laptop case contains an internal padded zipper and its interior is fully lined with faux fur.

What’s more, it’s made from neoprene, a material that’s resistant to water, oil, and heat - So expect it to last for a long, long time!

Quick Product Details

  • Made from 100% neoprene
  • Product weight: 13''—6.49 oz. (220 g) / 15''—7.67 oz. (260 g)
  • The snug sleeve fits tightly around the laptop
  • Faux fur interior lining for anti-scratch protection
  • Lightweight and resistant to water, oil, and heat
  • Top-loading zippered enclosure with two sliders
  • The padded zipper binding for further safety against scratches & marks.

About the Pioneering Women in History on this Sleeve:

The pioneering women in history featured on our unique, custom-designed laptop sleeve are as follows:

  • Marie Curie was the first women to win a Nobel Prize and the first person to win it twice.
  • Fatima Al-Fahri founded al-Qarawiyyin in Fez, Morocco, which today has the distinction of being the oldest functioning university and library in the world.
  • Raymonde de Laroche was the first woman in the world to fly a plane solo.
  • Charlotte E. Ray was the first black American female lawyer in the United States.

The laptop sleeve fits most 13'' and 15'' laptops—see our size guide for more in-depth details.

Size Guide

  13 IN 15 IN
Length (inches) 13 ½ 14 ¾
Width (inches) 10 ½ 11 ¼
Height (inches)



Our light, durable laptops are made from 100% neoprene.

This is a non-renewable material that isn't known for being eco-friendly. 

By caring for your neoprene laptop sleeve you can extend the life of the product. Here are some of our care and cleaning tips:

  • Hand wash your laptop sleeve in warm water and mild soap.

  • For heavy dirt or soiling, it is possible to put neoprene in a washing machine but only on a delicate cycle using cold water.

  • Do not dry clean your laptop sleeve.

  • Don’t expose it to heat or sunlight for extended periods of time.

Also, while we hope that you have your laptop sleeve for many years when you are ready to say goodbye to it remember that neoprene is completely recyclable.

Please do not throw it out with your regular rubbish as chances are it’ll end up in a landfill site.