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"Female Firsts" Laptop Sleeve - Marie Curie, Fatima Al-Fahri, Charlotte E. Ray & Raymonde de Laroche

Protect your laptop with this snug, lightweight laptop sleeve featuring a unique design of four inspiring women from history - Marie Curie, Fatima Al-Fahri, Charlotte E. Ray & Raymonde de Laroche.

The interior sleeve has an internal padded zipper and scratch-resistant, fully-lined, faux fur. What’s more, it’s made from a material that’s resistant to water, oil, and heat.

As for the four women emblazoning the front? They're resistant to stereotypes that women can't achieve the seemingly unachievable:

  • Marie Curie was the first women to win a Nobel Prize and the first person to win it twice.

  • Fatima Al-Fahri founded al-Qarawiyyin in Fez, Morocco, which today has the distinction of being the oldest functioning university and library in the world.

  • Raymonde de Laroche was the first woman in the world to fly a plane solo.

  • Charlotte E. Ray was the first black American female lawyer in the United States.



• 100% neoprene
• Product weight:
13''—6.49 oz. (220 g)
15''—7.67 oz. (260 g)
• Snug fit
• Faux fur interior lining
• Lightweight and resistant to water, oil, and heat
• Top-loading zippered enclosure with two sliders
• Padded zipper binding

Size guide

  13 IN 15 IN
Length (inches) 13 ½ 14 ¾
Width (inches) 10 ½ 11 ¼
Height (inches)