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Flappers Bath Rug
Flappers Bath Rug

Flappers Bath Rug

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Celebrate the freedom, fun and feminist ideals of the independent flappers with this gorgeous, soft bath rug in white or hot pink. 

During the 1920s middle-upper class women strove for social equality in a way that often shocked their Victorian Era parents and elders. They danced, drank and shopped their days away, while at the same time carving out new roles, new goals and new ways of approaching life as independent young women learning to value their own individuality for the first time in modern history. 

Our soft, extra absorbent bath rugs get in on the fun by boasting gorgeous illustrations of four fabulous flappers against a bright white or hot pink background.

Product Lowdown

  • Size: 20''x 32'' 
  • 8.21 Oz.
  • Made of sponge and non-woven fabrics.
  • Towel-like bath mat offers safety and warm, dry place to stand when stepping out of the shower.
  • Soft, extra absorbent, and fast drying—ideal for frequent use and busy households.