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Heidi by Johanna Spyri

 Heidi by Johanna Spyri  Includes an introduction from writer and feminist activist Scarlett Curtis.

When five-year-old Heidi is sent to live with her grandfather high up in the Alps, no one really knows how they will get on.

Even though her grandfather can be fierce, Heidi loves it up in the beautiful Alps, playing with the goats and birds.

But when her strict aunt decides that she must leave her mountain home, Heidi is determined to return to her happy life with her grandfather.

This edition is complete and unabridged.

The Sisterhood collectioncelebrates the best-loved classics, written by some of the greatest female authors in history.



  • ISBN: 9780241374870

  • Length: 304  Pages

  • Dimensions: 178mm x 18mm x 129mm

  • Weight: 191g


About the Author

Born in rural Hirzel, not far from Zurich, she grew up in a happy, cultured and artistic home. In 1852, when Johanna was 25, she married a former schoolmate, Bernhard Spyri, an attorney in Zurich. 

Although Spyri is almost exclusively associated with Heidi, she wrote 31 books, 27 volumes of stories and four brochures. However, her first story, about a woman’s experience with domestic abuse, wasn’t published until 1880, when the author was already in her early fifties. Following this, more of Spyri's stories for both adults and children were published, with many highlighting the struggles and harsh living conditions of Switzerland's poorer population at the time. Among this output was Heidi, which the author wrote in four weeks.

Tragedy struck in 1884 when both Spyri's husband and son died. She busied herself raising a niece, doing charity work, and continuing to write and publish.

Johanna Spyri died on 7 July 1901 Zürich and is interred in the family plot at the Sihlfeld-A Cemetery in Zürich, Switzerland. In 2001 there was a CHF commemorative coin minted in Spyri's honour. 

Likely, she never guessed just how popular the story of Heidi would become but today it ranks alongside the Bible and Shakespeare as one of the world's best-selling and most widely-read books. 

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