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Shelley Dream Apple Cider Caramel Bookish Candle

Light up your room with our exquisitely-scented "Shelley Dream" Apple Cider Caramel candle. 

Crafted from premium plant wax, this eco-friendly candle is enriched with a sweet and sensuous scent derived from high-grade fragrance oils. 

Each artisan candle is hand-poured and boasts an impressive 20-hour burn time. 

Contained within a heavy glass holder, they also sport a pale natural wooded top, which doubles as a small stand for the candle. 

Yet the true beauty of our "Shelley Dream" candle lies in its Mary Shelley poem label, a romantic gesture to the author of "Frankenstein", and an elegant touch sure to be loved by all literary fans. 


About the Product

  • 100% Hand-poured, non-smoke-producing vegetable wax
  • Lead-free, environmentally cotton candle wick
  • High-grade fragrance oils producing a long-lasting quality scent
  • Scent: A sweet and sensuously spice tang.
  • 80g (2.82 oz)
  • Long-lasting burn time of approx 20 hours
  • Contained within a high-quality heavy glass with a round natural wood top.