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Paula Modersohn-Becker Drawstring Bag

Love. This. Bag.

Or, more accurately, we love the image of 19thcentury German expressionist painter Paula Modersohn-Becker’s nude self-portrait.

The depth of color. The expression on her face. The flowers in her hair. What’s not to love.

Modersohn-Becker was one of the few women artists of that time creating nude self-portraits, and her work was a significant addition to the modernism movement. 

And the fact that you can use this silky but sturdy draw-string back-pack for absolutely anything – going to the gym, carrying your laptop, or even library or school books – means that you get to gaze upon this gorgeous artwork whenever you want.


Product Lowdown

  • Glossy but strong feel
  • Polyester; Durable material withstands daily wear and tear
  • Easy-cinch draw-cord
  • Dimension:  13.8"(W) * 18.1"(H)*Weight: 5.6 Oz
  • Great as a gym-bag, school bag, library or even laundry bag.

*This painting is part of the collection at the Ludwig Roselius Museum on Böttcherstraße in the old town of Bremen, Germany